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Wenzhou Haocheng Mechanical technology Co.,Ltd

Product quality assurance Buy at ease
Years of focus on die-cutting machine equipment
Professional technical team, door-to-door service at any time
High quality supplier of die cutting machine
A comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and maintenance services
Quality assurance
Industry intensive research
Technical team
After-sale service
Strictly implement ISO9001
International quality management system certification
Specializing in die-cutting machine production and engineering
Supporting services for many years, mainly engaged in flat die-cutting machine, automatic die-cutting machine, etc
Advanced and sophisticated production and testing equipment, with
Professional technical team to provide technical support Timely door-to-door service, so that every user can Rest assured
It has offices in major cities in all provinces of the country Strong marketing and service network throughout the country
Regular follow-up visits to users are provided at any time technical guidance
Provide all-round solutions for post press packaging processing and molding
Self adhesive
Self adhesive
Self adhesive
Self adhesive
Self adhesive
Self adhesive
Plastic card
Plastic card
Wenzhou Haocheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of paper post printing packaging equipment for flat die-cutting machines and automatic die-cutting machines. The company has very professional high-precision machining equipment, strong technical force, sufficient funds, perfect management system and advanced processing and testing equipment. It is a modern enterprise integrating design, R & D, sales and service.
1. The indentation position of the full-automatic die-cutting machine is inaccurate.Fault cause: the position is inconsistent with the printed product; The die cutting machine is not aligned with t...
‍Flat press die-cutting machine is an essential equipment in packaging machinery, mainly for processing products. Now with the improvement of consumption level, people pay more and more attention t...
‍Automatic card die-cutting machine children's Book Literacy card die-cutting machine sequencing punching die-cutting machine applicable materials: paper, film (PVC, PP, pet, ABS, PC, etc.). Applic...
‍Wenzhou Haocheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. understands that with the development of packaging machinery, flat die-cutting machine plays a more and more important role in food packaging, gift ...
Can the slitter be used to cut melt blown cloth? The slitting machine produced by Wenzhou Haocheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is used to cut all kinds of drum materials. The machine is equipped...
Some explanations of Wenzhou Haocheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. on the couplet bronzing machine: the working principle of the couplet bronzing machine is to heat the plate roller first, and t...
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